Rural Practice

Expediting payments and solving a staffing crisis

Located in a community of approximately 50,000 people, this practice serves two competing hospitals in the market and sees patients in two satellite offices. Without CIMplify, the practice had 85 days in accounts receivable. With CIMplify it is 52 days and the average accounts receivable per doctor has decreased by 13%. Two staff members responsible for billing and collections were out on medical leave at the same time for three months. CIMplify enabled the practice to meet this administrative crisis by providing trained personnel from its substitute team who knew the billing system and the practice, allowing business to continue as usual without loss of revenue. Without the CIMplify relationship, the practice would have been forced to hire short-term help that did not know the practice or the billing system.

A Legacy of Medical Practice Successes A physician-owned company, CIMplify has worked with specialty medical practices throughout the country since 1997. Early on, it was recognized as one of the largest national consulting firms serving specialty medical practices. It was during this growth that the importance of a coherent IT strategy became apparent, as did the need to provide 24/7 technical support.

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